Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Stop being seduced by what ifs

I remember this scene in Full Metal Alchemist where they burned their house down -- it was so they can give all their focus to what they wanted to do. As there's no chance of turning back.
I remembered thinking it silly then; I mean they could have rented it to others and have some spare money for snacks and occasional steak dinners...anyways...
I know now that in some life choices having your back against the wall, where you have no other choice but to confront your fears and to have your survival instincts kick in, helps immensely.
I understand now why soldiers of old are ordered to break their pots, or explorers to burn down their ships. So that then there's no other path but forward.
Once you've chosen and entered some doors, other paths have become irrevocably closed to you -- the important thing to realize is that it is okay, and it is how it is. Having no way to back out helps clear your mind on the other hand. The seduction of what-ifs corrupts reality so rabidly.
#randomthoughts borne out of this really warm weather. Anyways tomorrow is the summer solstice so got to prepare the warlock clothes and ritual sacrifices. As the nights will be darker each day after that. Mwahahaha 👹 Of course that was a joke (now a required disclaimer in teh Internets)
Nothing sinister, just Math.

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