Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Is it so hard to believe?

It is very simple, or so they say
You must believe in yourself, come what may
And yet for many the words ring hollow
Asking why is it so hard to follow
Perhaps the words that should have been given
"Be someone you yourself can believe in"

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Going back on my mental man cave

For the past few days I've been waking up very early in the morning and cannot go back to sleep.  So it got me back to thinking about my favorite topic in college -- Philosophy.

One of my favorite allegories is the "Allegory of the Cave"

A rough, probably technically wrong but essentially correct  tldr;

People are imprisoned since birth inside a cave facing a blank wall.  Their reality is formed only by shadows and echos of figures and sounds fabricated by their captors.

A prisoner is freed and told that what he sees now is what's real and that what's on the wall is wrong -- except he cannot accept this and wants to go back to what he is used to.

Another one is released and accepts the "new" reality, comes back to let his companions know of a different world out there, but the other prisoners conclude that him getting released to the outside damaged his sense of reality and conclude that it was he who was seeing wrong.

Though it is only an allegory (on education) it is quite relatable to the minute details of our lives -- especially in this age of high speed, high quality misinformation.

Maybe the things we've grown to believe are just shadows, mere echos.  But how do we know?

Maybe we can't be blamed for not being able to recognize other truths -- we know no better.  We might even fight tooth and nail to hold on to the beliefs that have so deeply entrenched themselves in  our minds.  We are humans, who can fault us to find refuge in the things that are already comfortable and familiar? We are even so good at deceiving ourselves.

In these questions one might realize that sometimes it is a futile attempt to make others see otherwise.  And sometimes it could be the case that the one who is so sure of his truths is the one who is mistaken.

How much then do truths and realities matter over co-existence? Who decides for the others?

I could only share what I've learned: it helps to accept that being humans we could be wrong -- and we should at least entertain other thoughts and points of view, even if we do not accept them in the end.

I would conclude...I wish I could sleep longer in the next few days.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Do you believe in life after life?

I remember this conversation I've had with a friend years back, where the topic started with programming but ended up a little bit philosophical.
In it he basically commented that most discussions focus on the afterlife, and not so much before life.
And he said that if you were just fine before it (fine on being non-existent for example), there's no reason to be not fine after it.

I am always amazed by this insight whenever I remember this discussion.

Maybe the reason we are so concerned of the after life is that now that we have awakened from nothingness we can no longer bear the idea of being non-existent.  I think that is quite understandable, this desire to be living forever.

What is unfortunate however, is that this desire, this unfeasible want leads to people being manipulated into beliefs which would otherwise be obviously unrealistic and childish.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Stop being seduced by what ifs

I remember this scene in Full Metal Alchemist where they burned their house down -- it was so they can give all their focus to what they wanted to do. As there's no chance of turning back.
I remembered thinking it silly then; I mean they could have rented it to others and have some spare money for snacks and occasional steak dinners...anyways...
I know now that in some life choices having your back against the wall, where you have no other choice but to confront your fears and to have your survival instincts kick in, helps immensely.
I understand now why soldiers of old are ordered to break their pots, or explorers to burn down their ships. So that then there's no other path but forward.
Once you've chosen and entered some doors, other paths have become irrevocably closed to you -- the important thing to realize is that it is okay, and it is how it is. Having no way to back out helps clear your mind on the other hand. The seduction of what-ifs corrupts reality so rabidly.
#randomthoughts borne out of this really warm weather. Anyways tomorrow is the summer solstice so got to prepare the warlock clothes and ritual sacrifices. As the nights will be darker each day after that. Mwahahaha 👹 Of course that was a joke (now a required disclaimer in teh Internets)
Nothing sinister, just Math.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A reminder to myself.

Those fictional monsters we create in our minds often hurt us more than the dangers of which they were borne.  Fearfulness and worrisomeness, we pay a high price for them from our sanity, and yet all they do is steal our joy and sap our strength.  Sometimes we realize that the poison damaging our thoughts came from the same cup we poured onto ourselves.

The future is unknown, and could be full of danger and frustration.  But we forget that we can be strong when we need to, sometimes stronger than what we thought is possible, and for that reason we can face and overcome any struggle we might encounter.

There is no need to fear.  We should spend our thoughts instead on what makes us happy.